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  1. The Matrix Very nice to read.
  2. How to Exit the Matrix Learn how to Protect yourself and your rights, online and off.
  3. Verifying PGP signatures A short and simple how-to guide.
  4. In Praise Of Hawala Anonymous informal value transfer system.
  5. Terrific Strategies To Apply A Social media Marketing Approach Great tips for the internet marketer.
  6. Blockchain graveyard Bitcoin websites hack stories.

Introduction Points

  • MultiVAC Search engine for .onion hidden services
  • Ahmia.fi Clearnet search engine for Tor Hidden Services (allows you to add new sites to its database).
  • Not Evil is a Tor search engine which only indexes hidden services on Tor.
  • DuckDuckGo A Hidden Service that searches the clearnet.
  • The Hidden Wiki A mirror of the Hidden Wiki. 2 days old users can edit the main page. [redirect]
  • Self-defense Surveillance Guide Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications (clearnet).
  • Everything About Tor Everything about Tor

Financial Services

Currencies, banks, money markets, clearing houses, exchangers:

Cryptocurrency Services (Wallets, Mixing)

  • Electrum Offline Bitcoin wallet by Thomas Voegtlin since 2011
  • Blockchain.info Online Bitcoin Wallet with registration
  • Onion Wallet Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet and Bitcoin Laundry
  • EasyCoin Easy to use Bitcoin Wallet with Bitcoin Mixer
  • Bitcoin Fog Bitcoin anonymization taken seriously.
  • BitBlender Anonymously hide track of your bitcoin transactions with this coin mixer.
  • Wasabi Wallet – Open-source, non-custodial, privacy focused Bitcoin wallet for desktop.
  • XMR.to – Make a Bitcoin payment with the strong privacy provided by Monero.
  • LocalMonero – Buy Monero. Sell Monero. Cash or online. Anywhere.

Financial Services

  • Imperial One of the top vendors offering wide range of products.
  • CC Galaxy #1 Carding Forum for CCs, Pre-Paid, WU, MG, Bank & PayPal Transfers, Since 2011.
  • Fast Money A slew of products from a darker side of finance
  • Black&White Cards prepaid and Cloned Cards with PIN. Good Customer Service. Best Deals. Cheap Prices.
  • PayPal Cent High quality PayPal accounts with balance.
  • Amazon GC Bring Your dreams to life with these amazing cards half of the price.
  • DreamWeavers Offering high quality prepaid products for a great deal.
  • ValidFraud Automatic worldwide mid-grade fullz and dump with pin shop.
  • Premium Cards Risk Free Pre-Paid cards for sale.
  • Guttenbergs Print Finest USD/EUR bills on market. Passes all known tests. Random serials. Only top-notch currency.
  • Volta Shop High quality PayPal and card only seller.
  • Cash Machine Phished PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, BoA, Wells fargo bank Accounts, Paysafecard’s, US & EU Credit cards are available here.
  • Cheap Euros 20€ Counterfeit bills. Unbeatable prices!!
  • Euphoric Oblivion Risk Free Pre-Paid cards for sale.
  • Paypal-Coins Buy a paypal account and receive the balance in your bitcoin wallet.
  • Clone CC Crew No.1 Trusted onion site for Cloned Credit Card. $2000/$5000 balance available
  • Gran Thynnus Fully automated PayPal & Credit card market site. Fresh stock every 2 days. Best deals.
  • Private Carder Hub Offers everything you need to get started with cards.

Physical Services

Other Services

  • Forsaken The Fake ID Identity Name Generator


Drug Markets

  • Tochka Market Russian Anonymous marketplace for all kinds of stuff.

Drug Vendors

  • AmsterdamFlex Vendor Quality Cocaine from Colombia, Netherlands, Germany and Spain.
  • RedChili Vendor Good quality Cannabis for EU and US market. Usually has multiple strains.
  • CannabisUK UK Wholesale Cannabis Supplier
  • PushingTaboo Vendor Famous psychedelics vendor shipping since 2012.
  • Green Dragon UK Cannabis tincture, prompt delivery, low prices
  • EuCanna ‘First Class Cannabis Healthcare’ – Medical Grade Cannabis Buds, Rick Simpson Oil, Ointments and Creams
  • Peoples Drug Store The Darkweb’s Best Online Drug Supplier.
  • Smokeables Finest Organic Cannabis shipped from the USA
  • DeDope German Weed and Hash shop. (Bitcoin)
  • MegrimLock Vendor Selling since 2013 Coke, Mdma, Meth, K, Ambien, LSD etc…
  • BitPharma EU vendor for cocaine, speed, mdma, psychedelics and subscriptions
  • NLGrowers Coffee Shop grade Cannabis from The Netherlands
  • The Church (JOR) The Private vendor shop of JesusOfRave – Old time vendor selling LSD & MDMA.
  • Kamagra for Bitcoin Same as Viagra but cheaper!

Domain Services

  • OnionName – Choose your desired domain name prefix, and order the .onion domain, starting from 0.45 mBTC for 8 letters.
  • – The Internet’s Fastest Privacy-First DNS Resolver
  • AntiDOS – Hidden Service DoS Protection
  • Garlic – Custom Onion domain generator.
  • OnionGen – Generate vanity .onion URLs (i.e. they match a pattern you specify) with your CPU.
  • Scallion – Scallion lets you create vanity GPG keys and .onion addresses (for Tor’s hidden services) using OpenCL.
  • Eschalot – Eschalot is a TOR hidden service name generator, it allows one to produce a (partially) customized vanity .onion address using a brute-force method.

Anonymity, Security & Privacy

  • TOR Project – Protect your privacy. Defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis.
  • Tails OS – The Amnesic Incognito Live System. Privacy for anyone anywhere.
  • onion.torproject.org – A list of onion services run by the Tor project. Most of them are served from several backends using OnionBalance.
  • GnuPG – Encrypt and sign your data and communications.
  • IPredator VPN – VPN provider that keeps no logs, they say.
  • ExpressVPN – High Speed, Secure and Anonymous VPN
  • Mullvad VPN – Reputable No Logs VPN
  • HardenedBSD – Security-enhanced fork of FreeBSD implementing many exploit mitigation and security technologies.
  • Horizon – The Secure & Private Platform For Money, Messages, & Media. Bringing Privacy to life
  • Keybase – Open source and public-key cryptography powered security app for mobile phones and computers.
  • Cyph – Encrypted Messenger. Secure your Chats,Video and Calls in one click.
  • OnionShare – An open source tool that lets you securely share a file of any size.
  • Fake ID Generator – Fake Identity Name, SSN, Driver’s License, and Credit Card Numbers Generator
  • BrowsInfo – Check your anonymity and browser traceability
  • PasswordGenerator – Strong Password Generator.
  • Njalla – A privacy aware domain registration service.
  • Keyringer – An encrypted and distributed secret sharing software.
  • Qubes0S – A reasonably secure operating system.
  • SMS Privacy – Anonymous SMS Messaging with Bitcoin



  • Kaizushi – Offers hosting for PHP/Django/Rails on a secure grsec/SELinux system, currently offering shell accounts, shared server hosting, VPS hosting.
  • OnionContainers – Run a shell server to use as a remote $HOME, host a website with an nginx container or even spin up a full WordPress blog.
  • Impreza Host – It’s time to host your site on the onion network.
  • HomeHosting – Be your own hosting provider and do not rely on others. A system administrator helps you achieving this.
  • Zelos Hosting – Host your applications, webpages and shell in the tor network.
  • Private Hosting – Secured and anonymous. Linux PHP hosting 100MB and Unlimited Bandwidth. 99% up time. Friendly service.
  • Kowloon Hosting Services – Stealth TOR hosting. PHP + MySQL + Control panel. 256 MB to 1 GB. (Free Trial Accounts).
  • TorPress – Free WordPress hosting on the darknet
  • Liberty’s Hackers Service and Hosting Provider in onionland – php5/mysql support – request considered on a case by case.
  • CYRUSERV – Hosting service with an emphasis on security, open for business again.
  • Freedom Hosting Reloaded – Free anonymous hosting with PHP and MySQL Support.
  • TorVps – TorVPS is the longest-running host on Tor.
  • Servnet – VPSes with preinstalled LAMP webserver stack.
  • Prometheus Hidden Services – Payed hosting, provides Virtual Private Server (VPS) with Linux.
  • SporeStack – Deploy VPS servers with Bitcoin. No account needed. Purely API driven. Specializes in ephemeral servers.




  • The Tin Hat – Blog discussing issues surrounding privacy, surveillance, big-data, and technology. Privacy is hard
  • Tor Metrics – The primary place to learn interesting facts about the Tor network, the largest deployed anonymity network to date.
  • onion.debian.org – A list of onion services run by the Debian project.
  • onion.torproject.org – A list of onion services run by The TOR Project.
  • EurAsia – Your console hacking resource.
  • Superkuh – Much information about spectrogram, wireless, and radio.
  • JamieWeb – Tech Blog
  • La Quadrature – A non-profit association that defends the rights and freedom of citizens on the Internet.
  • Nonstate – Site for Joseph Fiero’s ideas, usually about international relations.
  • Martijn Grooten’s Blog – Martijn Grooten’s WordPress Blog
  • Chelsea Manning’s Campaign – Campaign for Chelsea Manning as U.S. Senator in Maryland.
  • Beneath VT – Exploring Virginia Tech’s steam tunnels and beyond.
  • The Psycho Path Manifesto – The statement and goals of The Realized Psycho Path Project.
  • Go Beyond – Only read if you don’t mind being offended.
  • Shadow Life – Enjoy your life under the radar.
  • CryptoParty Movement – A grassroots global endeavour to introduce the basics of practical cryptography to the general public.
  • Tor Against CP! – Free and clean Tor – Tor users against CP!

Email / Messaging

See also: The compendium of clear net Email providers.

  • Wire/Mail Simple e-mail service accessible only via Tor.
  • Protonmail Swiss based e-mail service, encrypts e-mails locally on your browser. Free and paid accounts.
  • secMail.pro Complete mail service that allows you to send and receive mails without violating your privacy.
  • TorBox This is a hidden mailbox service only accessible from Tor without connection with public internet.
  • BitMessage.ch Bitmessage support build-in. Registration is only available using their clearweb link with js.
  • Mail2Tor Mail2Tor is a free anonymous e-mail service made to protect your privacy.
  • Elude.in Elude.in is a privacy based email service and a Bitcoin/Monero exchange.
  • TorGuerrillaMail Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address.
  • Chat with strangers Talk to random users anonymously.
  • BlackHost Email provider, useful tech stuff and tools.

Social Networks

  • Facebook – The real Facebook’s Onion domain. Claim not to keep logs. Trust them at your peril.
  • TapIIN – Best TOR Social Network. Connect with people. Make friends.Discover new places.
  • BlackBook – Social media site (The facebook of TOR)
  • Galaxy 3 – A revival of the old Galaxy community.
  • Agora – Anonymous Social Network.
  • Truth & Light Need help? We are here to help the best we can for anyone in need.
  • Torbook – The Facebook of Tor.
  • Alien’s Chat – Chat about anything.
  • ChatBOX – Encrypted Chatroom
  • Ableonion Chat – Chat about anything. Freedom of speech without limits.
  • RetroShare – Chartserver hosted by Pirate Party Austria
  • Daniel’s Chat – Chat about anything while respecting the rules.
  • Troll Scroll – Active public chat channel by not Evil.
  • Time to Confess – Everyone has secrets – Time to tell the world about yours.


Hack, Phreak, Anarchy (internet), Warez, Virus, Crack

  • Gitlab – Manage Git repositories with fine-grained access controls that keep your code secure
  • Turkish Citizenship Database. – Leaked Database containing identifying information for 49,611,709 Turkish citizens.
  • HeLL Forum – HeLL Reloaded is back!
  • RelateList – New era of intelligence.
  • 0xacab – Code hosting for friendly people.
  • Brmlab – A non-profit, community-run hackerspace in Prague.
  • exelab.ru – TOR Mirror of exelab.ru
  • CODE: GREEN – Ethical hacktivism for a better world. Join us and participate in modern world protests!
  • Hack Canada – America is a joke and Canada is the punchline. Old-ish hacking site, hosts a few archives.
  • Hackfest – The largest hacking event in Canada that brings together more than 900 computer security enthusiasts
  • Hacker Place – Site with several books and resources on software development, pentesting and hacking.
  • WE fight censorship – a Reporters Without Borders project that aims to combat censorship and promote the flow of news and information.
  • Keys open doors – Mirror of the former content of www.geohot.com as at 26 January 2011, removed following a Sony lawsuit.

Forums / Boards / Chans

  • The Stock Insiders – How to Beat Wall Street. The community for exchanging Insider Information about Publicly Traded Companies.
  • The Intel Exchange – Know or need to know something? Ask and share at this underground intelligence gathering network.
  • write.as – Create a home for your words.Start a new post now and write for free forever, no sign up needed.
  • Hidden Answers – Fast neat site for asking questions and receiving answers on Tor, e.g. linklists, tips&tricks,
  • 8Chan – The Darkest Reaches of the Internet. Create your own imageboard for free
  • EndChan – The imageboard at the end of the universe.anonymous imageboard that promotes ideas over identity.
  • Dread – Reddit-style onion forum where user migrated after reddit banned r/darknetmarkets.
  • Gangstas Paradise – Anonymous & Uncensored Forum.
  • Raddle – TOR Mirror of Raddle.me.Reddit like forum for anarchists, social democrats, liberals and conservatives.
  • Weasly – A social gallery website designed for artists, to share their work with other artists and fans..
  • DNM Avengers – Darknet drug forum with reviews and marketplace discussion.
  • OnionLand – Discussion forum about all the Darkweb markets related topics.
  • IDC Reloaded – Italian Darknet Commuinity.
  • The Fallen – An exclusive forum for Theistic Satanists only.
  • GADW – German Austrian DW Forum
  • Simple Dark Boards – Build your own Board, Chat and Private Messaging System.
  • SuprBay – The PirateBay Forum
  • Darkweb Addicts – Darkweb forum based on Simple machines forum software
  • The Psycho Social Network – Participate in our community of certified mentally fucked up people!

Political Advocacy


  • Active at Darknet Markets? – Onion set up by the Police and the Judicial Authorities of the Netherlands, listing Active, identified, and arrested Darknet Market operators.
  • SoylentNews – A volunteer-powered news aggregation site that deliver articles about technology, science, and general interest.
  • Cryptome – Archive Government Leaks. Documents for publication that are prohibited by governments worldwide– open, secret and classified documents.
  • SecureDrop – An open-source whistleblower submission system that media organizations can use to securely accept documents from and communicate with anonymous sources.
  • Daily Stormer – The most censored publication in history.
  • Publeaks -Safely and anonymously share information with the media
  • JokerBuzz – TOR Mirror of JOker.Buz. The Exchange of Information
  • ProPublica – An independent, nonprofit newsroom that produces investigative journalism with moral force
  • WikiLeaks – DeepWeb mirror of the famous Wikileaks website.
  • IRPI Leaks – Investigative Reporting Project Italy
  • ZeroDisclo – The right path to coordinated vulnerability disclosure.
  • OCCRP – Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.
  • New York Times – Tor Mirror of New York Times
  • Buzzfeed – Tor Mirror of Buzzfeed.
  • AfriLeaks – Blow the Whistle.
  • BBC News – BBC News over Tor



Audio – Music / Streams

Video – Movies / TV

  • Torflix Watch Tv series over Tor
  • FileTor A Well organized Anime, Movie and TV Show Index



  • Madama libreygratis cl 200000+ videos from sites like pornhub, redtube, xhamster, xvideos, etc… And new videos are added hourly!


  • Darkscandals Site with real Rape, Blackmail and Forced videos (Pack 7 is out since February 12, 2017 ).
  • Xvideos – TOR Mirror of Xvideos. Free Porn Videos
  • TORs oldest p0rn site – A self titled porn site
  • PurePorn – The best hacked porn accounts
  • xPlay – Video streaming site, includes adult content
  • TSSA – The Secret Sex Story Archive.
  • Topprc – List of the best free Porn Tube Sites
  • Zoo.Cab – Beastiality and Animal Sex Archive.
  • Celebrity Undergound – Nude Celebs, models, singers, movie video clips, celebrity sex tapes

Noncommercial (E)

Commercial (E)

Animal Related


  • TelAvivService Professional anonymous global goods partners.
  • VOR-COM Archive Archive of the VOR-COM. Contains vore!
  • Madman File Storage Archives of illegal/miscellaneous (censored) files, such as guides for making methamphetamine, suicidal howto’s and more. Anonymous users can submit files. Also a tor link directory. [temporarily down/empty for renovation]


Services that defy categorization, or that have not yet been sorted.

  • Framadate – An online service for planning an appointment or making a decision quickly and easily.
  • Stem – A Python controller library for Tor. Stem’s latest version is 1.6.0
  • IIT Underground – Information on and photos of the steam tunnels and roofs at the Illinois Institute of Technology


Belarussian / Белорусский

Finnish / Suomi

French / Français

German / Deutsch

Greek / ελληνικά

Italian / Italiano

Japanese / 日本語

Chinese / 中国語

Polish / Polski

Russian / Русский

  • Зеркало библиотеки Траума – Бесплатная библиотека. Обложки, поиск и возможность скачивать в форматах FB2, HTML и TXT.
  • РосПравосудие – крупнейшая картотека юристов, адвокатов, судей и судебных решений (50+ миллионов документов, 35+ тысяч судей, 65+ тысяч адвокатов, сотни тысяч юристов, прокуроры). «РосПравосудие» – аполитичный и независимый проект.
  • China Market – китайский маркет. Всегда свежие поставки из Китая: каннабиноиды, MDMA кристаллы, экстази, LSD. Доставка без пересечения границы, есть представители в России, Украине и Казахстане. Автоматическое оформление, оплата и получение заказа. Методы оплаты: Bitcoin, Qiwi, Приват24, наличкой через терминалы.
  • Скрытые Ответы Russian Hidden Answers.
  • Rutor – главный форум черного рынка.
  • Схоронил! Архив magnet-ссылок.
  • Флибуста – Библиотека.

Spanish / Español

Portuguese / Português

Swedish / Svenska

Hidden Services – Other Protocols

Volunteers last verified that all services in this section were up, or marked as DOWN, on: 2011-06-08 For configuration and service/uptime testing, all services in this section MUST list the active port in their address. Exception: HTTP on 80, HTTPS on 443. For help with configuration, see the TorifyHOWTO and End-to-end connectivity issues

P2P FileSharing

IMPORTANT: It is possible to use Tor for P2P. However, if you do, the right thing must also be done by P2P Bandwidth|giving back the bandwidth used. Otherwise, if this is not done, Tor will be crushed taking everyone along with it.

  • Sea Kitten Palace – Torrent site and tracker for extreme content (real gore, animal torture, shockumentaries/mondo cinema, and Disney movies)
  • The Pirate Bay – The Pirate Bay.

Chat centric services


Use e.g. ChatZilla add-on for the IRC protocol (the Tor Project does not suggest installing browser addons unless you understand the risks), or a standalone client such as HexChat. Tails comes with Pidgin, which will work for IRC as well.

plaintext ports: 6667

plaintext ports: 6667; ssl: 6697

plaintext ports: 6667

running on lechuck.hackint.org; ssl ports: 9999; no plaintext ports

ssl ports: 6697; no plaintext ports

plaintext ports: 6667; ssl: 6697

plaintext ports: 6667; ssl: 9999

  • Nazgul – free for all IRC network

plaintext ports: nazgul3zxuzvrgg6.onion:6667 ssl ports: irc.nazgul.io:6697 __undefined__ (SSL)

  • OnionIRC – New, censorship-free IRC server.

plaintext ports: 6668

plaintext ports: 6667; SSL ports: 6697

  • Smokey’s Grill – General chat IRC. Doesn’t allow plotting the abuse of other people. __undefined__

plaintext ports: 6667

  • Anonimowy IRC – Anonimowy IRC (Polish anonymous IRC server) __undefined__

plaintext ports: 6667; ssl:6697

running on kropotkin.computersforpeace.net; ssl ports: 6697; no plaintext ports

  • OFTC IRCOFTC – unofficial hidden service for OFTC __undefined__

running on: (various).oftc.net, ports:: plaintext: 6667 ssl: 6697

plaintext ports: 6667; ssl: 6697

All of these direct to zelazny.freenode.net and allow plaintext port 6667 as well as SSL ports 6697, 7000, and 7070.

Below is a list of DEAD irc servers from Anonet: AnoNet – Each server is on its own network and connects to a chat cloud irc1.srn.ano, clearnet elef7kcrczguvamt.onion:15783 – Direct access to the AnoNet chat cloud. Use an IRC server to connect. irc3.srn.ano irc2.srn.ano, clearnet – Still connects to the old AnoNet chat cloud; that will soon change. irc4.srn.ano irc.cananon.ano Web Chat Version join #Anonet


  • fxb4654tpptq255w.onion:706 – SILCroad, public server. [discuss/support]
  • <protect>Silkroad 2.0 – The new silkroad. Biggest marketplace for drugs on the Darknet. (Bitcoin)</protect>
  • kissonmbczqxgebw.onion:10000 – KISS.onion – Keep It Simple and Safe – ditch the web browser, use SILC to communicate securely (using Pidgin with OTR)

XMPP (formerly Jabber)

TorChat Addresses

Humans are listed in the above contact directory. Bots are listed below.

  • 7oj5u53estwg2pvu.onion:11009 – TorChat InfoServ #2nd, by ACS.
  • gfxvz7ff3bzrtmu4.onion:11009 – TorChat InfoServ #1st, by ACS

SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol

These SFTP clients work with Tor: WinScp, FileZilla. Set proxy to SOCKS5, host, port 9150 (Windows,Mac) or 9050 (Linux). Encrypt your sensitive files using GnuPG before uploading them to any server.

  • kissonmbczqxgebw.onion:10001 – KISS.onion – SFTP file exchange service (username “sftp.anon”, password “anon”)

OnionCat Addresses

  • 62bwjldt7fq2zgqa.onion:8060
    • fd87:d87e:eb43:f683:64ac:73f9:61ac:9a00 – ICMPv6 Echo Reply
  • a5ccbdkubbr2jlcp.onion:8060 – mail.onion.aio
    • fd87:d87e:eb43:0744:208d:5408:63a4:ac4f – ICMPv6 Echo Reply
  • ce2irrcozpei33e6.onion:8060 – bank-killah
    • fd87:d87e:eb43:1134:88c4:4ecb:c88d:ec9e – ICMPv6 Echo Reply
    • [fd87:d87e:eb43:1134:88c4:4ecb:c88d:ec9e]:8333 – Bitcoin Seed Node
  • taswebqlseworuhc.onion:8060 – TasWeb – DOWN 2011-09-08
    • fd87:d87e:eb43:9825:6206:0b91:2ce8:d0e2 – ICMPv6 Echo Reply
    • http://[fd87:d87e:eb43:9825:6206:0b91:2ce8:d0e2]/
    • gopher://[fd87:d87e:eb43:9825:6206:0b91:2ce8:d0e2]:70/
  • vso3r6cmjoomhhgg.onion:8060 – echelon
    • fd87:d87e:eb43:ac9d:b8f8:4c4b:9cc3:9cc6 – ICMPv6 Echo Reply

Bitcoin Seeding


  • xqzfakpeuvrobvpj.onion:8333
  • z6ouhybzcv4zg7q3.onion:8333