What is better VPN or Tor?

Tor vs VPN

The official supported out of the box is Tor for it’s abilities, however, it doesn’t support openvpn, so you have to install openvpn if you want to use that out of the box.

Is that good enough to “secure” your data?

A regular VPN only covers you if you are on the same network, no matter what country you are on. The strength of the VPN is never actually seen by you by your network.

TOR is more like a stealth network. TOR uses a network that’s anonymized and unnoticeable to internet service providers and any normal user. Your internet service provider will never know who you are unless you provide some extra information such

Features of a VPN

Most popular VPNs are the most secure, for example, OpenVPN which uses the AES encryption algorithm to protect your data. The other part of the equation are the servers. Do they have good overall performance? What kind of bandwidth are they using? Are they located in a comfortable location? Does the support staff give good support? Is the website easy to use? All these questions and more can determine the VPN quality.

Most VPN services also offer some forms of data sharing. In this case, you will be sharing your data between you and the VPN provider. So, if you use one VPN service, it is in your best interest to know that there is a second VPN service available